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Coding classes for kids

Classvio offers coding classes for kids in the group and one-to-one format. Your child can attend a free trial class before joining our programming course. Our online coding class for kids is developed by keeping in mind the practical aspect of learning. Our programming course teaches kids Python programming and other simple tools. The programming course is designed for absolute beginners. As students are attending our classes from home on their computers, they get to experiment and work independently on the programming problems. We do test progress achieved by each student using quiz and programming assignments.

We will guide the students on how to use the Python tools and run the programs on their personal computer through online live classes. Students can use their Windows or Mac computer with Chrome or Firefox browser to attend our coding class. Python can be downloaded free. No other software is required to attend the classes. Your kid can join the course by logging into Classvio account on their computer.

Our coding classes are interactive sessions as you can see from the video clip at the bottom of the page.

Python coding course has a total of 12 hours of interactive sessions. The group class is usually offered as eight sessions of 1.5 hours each. We also have a weekday evening batch of 12 sessions of 1 hour each. Study progress is checked after each session through quizzes and programming assignments. Correct answers for the quiz will be visible immediately once the student submits the quiz. The teacher will discuss the answers for both quiz and programming assignments in the next class. Hence it is advisable to complete the assignments before the next class. You can allocate a maximum of one hour to the quiz and assignment from home in between classes.

online coding class
The topics covered are as below
  1. Introduction computer programming & Python
  2. Variables and expressions - Your first program
  3. Program flow and conditional branching - If else
  4. Repeating tasks - Looping
  5. Revision - simple programs
  6. Drawing using Python - turtle
  7. Introduction to Functions and Modules
  8. What is Game Programming and Artificial Intelligence

The last topic is a briefing session to give an idea about game programming and AI. Classes are usually conducted for a small group of 3-4 students. Often, new batches are announced on our FB page and our website here. Write an email to us to check the availability for a specific time slot.

Coding classes for adults and customized courses for kids

We also provide private online coding course for kids with customized topics if you prefer individual attention. We provide individual classes once you complete the basic group course. We have the following teachers who can give private lessons. These teachers also offer beginner classes to adults.

  1. Manjula
  2. Uttam

For a full list of teachers, please search here using keyword "Programming" or "Python".

We have teachers who can provide Scratch programming to kids of age 5-8 years. We also have teachers for Java, C#, .net etc.

For other professional development (software testing, CRM etc.) and personal development courses in 'Capital market' etc. use this link.

How to join the class

Signup on the platform Classvio and attend a free trial class. Once you decide to join the course, you can book the group class or individual session based on your needs and schedule.

Example code for reference.

python programming class

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