Online coding classes

Though the tools and language used for coding will change in the coming decades, coding is expected to be one of the necessary skills to have for most future jobs. Coding will serve as a productive hobby for adults and kids and help you convert your free time to build something fulfilling and enjoyable. Programming helps to develop logical thinking and problem-solving. Classvio offers coding classes for kids and adults in group and one-to-one format. You can attend a free trial class before you decide to enroll in a paid course.

Coding class for kids

Classvio offers programming for kids of different age groups. One-to-one classes are recommended for younger kids aged 6-8 years, whereas kids aged nice and above can attend one-to-one or group classes. We also provide private online coding courses covering customized topics if you prefer individual attention. Our online coding class for kids is developed by keeping in mind the practical aspect of learning.

The programs available for different age groups are

  1. Scratch coding for age 6-8 years.
  2. Mobile app development for 8-10 years.
  3. Python coding for beginners - 8-15 years
  4. Web application development for beginners - 12-18 years.

Coding classes for adults

Classvio offers beginner coding classes for adults without any previous programming knowledge. It is recommended to attend a group course for absolute beginners if your schedule permits. We provide the following beginner programming courses in one-to-one and group settings for adults.

  1. Beginner Python coding for adults.
  2. Beginner programming course for data science.

However, if you wanted flexibility in schedule or wanted to continue to learn customized content, one-to-one classes can be arranged. We have teachers who can provide classes in Python, Java, C# , Excel VBA, etc. For a complete list of teachers, please visit the link. We also provide other professional development courses in software testing, CRM, etc.

How to join the class

Signup on the platform Classvio and attend a free trial class. Once you decide to join the course, you can book the group class or individual session based on your needs and schedule.