Indian Classical Music

Classvio offers vocal and instrumental music lessons in both main traditions of Indian classical music - namely Hindustani music and Carnatic music. Carnatic music is the music prevailing predominantly in south India whereas Hindustani music is found in the northern part of India. Some instruments used are similar between both these traditions, whereas some are only used in either of the streams.

The majority of our music students opt for our one-to-one private classes. In these individual classes, the teacher can customize the content and speed based on a student's level and interest. Currently, we do have students from the age of 6 to 60 years. You can request for a 30 minutes trial class by choosing a teacher of your choice based on their experience or hourly fee. The fee range from S$20/ hour onwards. Usually, classes are booked in sets of 10 lessons. To attend a free trial class with your choice of teacher and your convenient time slot, signup here today.

Carnatic music

We do have teachers offering Carnatic music (Sangeetham) vocal classes at different levels. Some of our popular vocal music teachers are listed below.

  1. Ms. Rukmini (MA Music)
  2. Ms. Lalitha (MA Music)
  3. Mr. Srikrishna (MA Music)

To see the complete list of teachers offering Carnatic music, you can search here . The video given below will give an idea of the tool used in the class.

We do have regular tutors offering various instrumental music in Carnatic tradition. Some of the teachers are listed below. For a full list, search here using the keyword "Carnatic".

Hindustani music

A few of our popular Hindustani vocal music teachers are listed below.

  1. Angira
  2. Ms. Rakhi (MA Music)
  3. Ms. Veena (MA Music)

A small video clip from one of our Hindustani vocal class is given here

There are multiple instrumental music teachers with varying experience in teaching and concerts. Some of the popular Hindustani instrumental music teachers are listed below. For a complete list, please search here with a keyword "Hindustani" or use the filters in "Music and Arts".

The video here will help you to understand how instrumental music classes are conducted.

Steps to join our classes

  1. Signup on the platform using the link - signup.
  2. Identify the teacher you wanted to learn from. You can contact us ([email protected]) to get a recommendation for a teacher by providing your level of music and your convenient time slot.
  3. We will arrange a trial class and guide you to use the platform.
  4. After attending the trial class, you can book the set of sessions by paying either by credit card or bank transfer.
  5. Once you book the set of lessons, the schedule will be reflected in your account. For any changes in schedule, contact us using [email protected] in advance, we will be able to reschedule as per the terms.

We do also start group classes from time to time and announce new batches on our FB page. To get notifications when we start a new batch, please like and follow our FB page