Academic class

We do have tuition teachers who offer one to one live interactive sessions for various curriculum and grades. Please see below a short video from one of our classes .

Profiles of some of the popular online tuition teachers are listed below. You can visit the individual profile pages provided in the links below or search for the full list here.

Ms. Rita (CBSE Maths and Science)

Mr. Gowri (IB/ IGCSE Maths)

Ms. Nishitha (IB/ IGCSE Biology)

Dr.Kajen (IB/ IGCSE Physics)

Ms. Sandy (IB/ IGCSE Account/Economics)

Ms. Sheena (MOE Maths)

Ms. Sakshi (CBSE / IGCSE French)

Ms. Sushmita (CBSE Hindi)

How to join the class

  1. Signup on the platform Classvio
  2. Let us know the curriculum and grade you are looking for tutors.
  3. Attend a free trial class.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the lesson, you can discuss the convenient schedule and book individual sessions.