Beginner Python coding for adults

Computer programming is a necessary skill beneficial to everyone. This course covers an introduction to basic aspects of programming and gives a brief introduction to data science. Python language tools are available for free to download and easy to install on Windows and Mac computers. This is a beginner course, and no programming knowledge is required to join this course. Our group class typically consists of 3-4 students. However, if a student finds any particular topic very difficult or misses a class, an individual class can be booked separately.

Topics covered in Python coding for adults

Given below are some of the topics covered in the course.

  1. Introduction to programming
  2. Tools required to do the course
  3. Writing your first program
  4. Python-Variables/ Data types, Operators and expressions
  5. Program flow and conditional branching If else
  6. How to use looping constructs to complete repetitive tasks.
  7. What are functions? Some of the useful functions.
  8. How to create a function?
  9. What are modules and libraries? Some popular and useful libraries.
  10. Introduction to Excel automation through Python
  11. Introduction to data science
  12. Project work Small project to utilize the topics learned.

You can use a Windows or Mac Computer with a webcam and a good internet connection to attend classes. Students are expected to complete and submit quizzes and assignments.

How to join our Python coding class

Signup on the platform Classvio and send us an email to attend a free trial class. Once you decide to join the course, you can book the group class.