Terms and Conditions of use

This document lists the terms between Phronza Pte. Ltd. ("We", "Classvio", "Us", "Our") and Instructor, Student or Parent/Guardian ("you").

By subscribing to our services, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. If you or those who use the shared accounts created by you do not agree to any of the terms below, you should not subscribe to our services. These terms terminate at the end of your subscription of the services on our platform. Terms of use listed below supersede all previous written or other agreements between you and us.

  1. The student or parent/guardian who access the online software platform "Classvio" (platform) or enroll the student for the courses ("Services", "Course") shall pay the subscription fee ("Fee").

  2. The terms of use for Classvio platform may be amended at any time based on policies as determined to be appropriate by us. We expect you to review the terms periodically to understand and agree to such changes. If you continue to use the platform you shall be deemed to have agreed to accept and abide by the modified terms of the platform.

  3. We take reasonable efforts in developing the content on Classvio platform. We disclaim all warranties to the extent permitted by applicable law to the accuracy of the information contained on this Classvio platform. We will not be liable for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of any of the information contained in any of the materials on the platform.

  4. We take reasonable efforts to verify the educational qualification of instructors registered on the platform. We will also take necessary steps to remove instructors from the Classvio platform found to be not meeting our standards. We will not offer any warranties on these instructors and will not be liable for any damage, if to be caused by the actions of these instructors. You agree that Classvio does not have an obligation to conduct background checks on any member, including, but not limited to, students and instructors, but may conduct such background checks in its sole discretion.

  5. Classvio is hosted on a cloud platform. We take all necessary measures to ensure that the platform is available 24X7. However, there could be service disruptions due to periodic maintenance or system upgrades. We will give alternative slots for classes to students who are impacted by these disruptions

  6. Classvio expects you to arrange the required minimum infrastructure - computer, internet with required speed, webcam, mobile application to scan and send assignments, digital pad to use virtual whiteboard, etc. - at your end to ensure the virtual classes run smoothly.

  7. If your minor child is using the platform, Classvio expects an adult supervisor - parent or guardian - to be present during such use of the platform. Classvio will not be responsible for any consequence that may arise as a result of any misuse of the platform by the minor child.

  8. You are not allowed to transfer your subscription with Classvio to any third party. Also, you are not allowed to use someone else's account or impersonate on the platform.

  9. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that the information provided by you is untrue or incomplete or becomes untrue or incomplete, we may suspend or terminate your account and refuse any future use of the Classvio platform. You will be liable for any damage or loss to Classvio due to inaccurate information you provide.

  10. All reasonable efforts are taken to protect the information provided to us while registering or subscribing the service. You hereby give your consent to store personal information provided while registering and in the course of operation of the platform on the servers, including the cloud servers outside your country. You also agree that you are solely responsible to protect your user ID and password for all your accounts to access the Classvio platform. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under all your accounts, including your shared accounts. You will be liable for any loss or damage to us or any third party due to failure to protect all your account details such as user ID and password. You hereby agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or a breach of security. We reserve the right to refuse service or terminate accounts. You hereby give your consent to receive communication from us to renew the business relationship between you and us.

  11. Credit/Debit Card and internet bank transaction: We do not store any information related to your credit/debit card or internet banking. You pledge that you will not use the credit /debit card or banking account which is not lawfully owned by you. If the payment is disrupted due to any reasons at payment gateway or bank, the payment transaction is considered as 'failed transaction' and no 'service order' will be processed for that transaction. All liability for use of a card fraudulently will be on you and the onus to 'prove otherwise' shall be exclusively on you.

  12. Refund Policy for Students/Parents: We provide one free trial class for those who want to understand how our system works. However, if you find that our online class is not suitable for you after the first real class, you could request for a refund within 7 days. We will refund the amount paid by you. We also understand that sometimes lessons do not happen as desired, due to various reasons. In the event, you are not satisfied with a class, we request you to contact us. If the instructor agrees that the lesson did not go well, and that there should be no charge, we will arrange a part of full refund to your account based on the successful classes completed. If there is any disagreement, we will investigate the case and make a fair decision. For all refund related requests, please contact us at [email protected]. Classvio may in its sole discretion decide to cancel a confirmed course due to reasons beyond Classvio's reasonable control. In such circumstances, Classvio may determine, in its sole discretion, to refund to the Student full or part of the amounts charged to the Student. As an Instructor you agree that Classvio permits the Student to cancel the course as explained above and refund is paid to the Student and in such cases, you are going to receive zero or proportion of the payment which was not refunded.

  13. Rescheduling of Class:
    Individual Class: You can request for rescheduling of a class. All communication for rescheduling should be send through email to [email protected] or through text/ WhatsApp message to Classvio team members. One reschedule per course in a month is permitted, provided the instructor accepts it. Reschedule requests should to be sent at least 2 days in advance.
    Group Class: You are allowed to attend a different class if you are unable to attend your allotted class. This is restricted to one class per month and is subject to availability of a slot in another class. Request for attending another class should be sent at least one day in advance. Classes might be rescheduled if any unresolved technical/other issues prevent it from being conducted smoothly.

  14. You hereby agree that you will treat all users including instructors and other students with respect and not misuse the platform and not disrupt the smooth functioning of the classes. You agree that you will not disrupt any legitimate business transactions. You agree not to abuse or make threat or use obscenities through the platform. You hereby agree not to discuss matters other than those directly related to the courses you signed up. You shall also ensure that other party (students or instructor) shall not involve in sharing or transmitting abusive content of any kind. You agree to immediately report any such misuse to us at [email protected]. You also agree that Classvio will not be responsible for such misuse of the platform by either party involved.

  15. You agree that you will not share your contact information or any personal information to another user (student or instructor) including your full name, address, telephone number, email address, national identity number or any other personally identifiable information (PII). You also agree that it shall be your sole responsibility to restrict such misuse of any kind of personal information on the platform. You shall report any such misuse immediately to [email protected].

  16. You agree that you shall not share any copyrighted material on the platform and will be responsible for any liability towards any violation of the copyright. You may download/print/save copyrighted material for your personal use only.

  17. You agree that the feedback and comments provided by you to the platform by email or by submission on the platform will be our property and we could use this information for internal use or for any other external use including and not limited to marketing without any restriction on editing. You agree that we could use the name by which you submit any comments or feedback to us. Any materials that you upload, communicate or transmit on the platform or through email to us, will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary, and may be disseminated or used by us for any purpose. You agree that we own and could utilize recording of the classes for quality control and any other purposes we deem fit. Upon the termination of the terms, we may delete all information related to you.

  18. If you terminate your Classvio Account as an Instructor, all confirmed student enrolments will be cancelled and we will start processing the refund for the Students.

  19. Indemnification: You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless us and our affiliates, agents, partners, employees, licensors, representatives and third party providers (including our affiliates' respective officers, directors, agents, partners, employees, licensors, representatives, and third party providers), from and against all losses, expenses, damages, costs, claims and demands, including reasonable legal fees and related costs and expenses, due to or arising out of any way connected with (a) your access to or use of the Platform, Application, Services, or Collective Content or your violation of these Terms; (b) your Member Content; (c) your (i) interaction with any Member, (ii) enrolment of any Course, and (iii) creation of a Listing; including but not limited to any injuries, losses, or damages (compensatory, direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise) of any kind arising in connection with or as a result of any enrolment or attending of a Course.

  20. When you visit our website, we collect and store details related to your visit such as domain name, time of access, the website from which you arrived from, browser details and any other relevant information to improve security and analyze trends.

  21. As an Instructor, you agree that your relationship with Classvio is that of an independent third-party contractor and not that of an employee or partner of Classvio. You agree as an instructor that you act exclusively on your own behalf and for your own benefit, and not for the benefit of Classvio

  22. Classvio will collect the fees from students at the time of sign-up for the course. The fee will be held by Classvio till the time it is payable to the Instructor. We will transfer the agreed portion of the fees to instructor each month based on the completion of the course.

  23. As an Instructor, if you cancel a confirmed course, you agree that Classvio may apply penalties or a cancellation fee.