About Us

Classvio is the online class platform powered by Phronza Pte. Ltd., a technology venture based in Singapore. We have teachers from around the world offering classes in areas of academics, personal and professional development, arts and music. Our platform offers the flexibility to students and teachers to have the classes in mutually convenient timing at the comfort of their home. We intend to support the smart nation initiative by the government by incorporating machine learning technology to our platform for efficient learning practices. We are proud that our solutions contribute to save the environment by reducing the daily commute.

As competition in academics is increasing day by day, students and parents are exploring various options to improve their grade in exams. In the process, students and their parents sign up as many private tuition classes as possible. Many a time, the entire exercise fails to recognise the weak points where the student needs focused help. This leads to inefficient way of spending time and money. In addition to this, if we add the hours spent on commuting between tuition classes and home, the consolidated loss of time is too big. The additional time should have been spent on other developmental activities of the child, such as sports, hobbies, reading, etc. Our online classes solve the issue by saving enough time by avoiding any commuting for the classes. Our method also ensures more time to be spent on the specific area where a student needs special attention.

Similarly, with busy schedule at work and home, many adults who aspire to learn a new skill or wish to pursue their passion in art or a language face challenges to attend a physical class due to time constraints. Other alternatives and MOOC e-learning classes offer little or insufficient teacher interaction for timely support and guidance. Sufficient teacher interaction makes learning efficient and helps in learning as much required in optimum time. Our platform offers teacher led online classes to help the two-way communication.

How it works

If you are a student or a parent of a student, you could easily signup on our platform by giving your email ID and basic details. If you are planning to use the platform to sign up your children for the classes, you could add multiple shared accounts in your main account. To understand how the platform helps in learning from the comfort of your home, you could sign up for a trial class. The teacher delivers the class online using the audio-video conferencing system with a whiteboard and other tools available on the platform.

Once satisfied with the trial class, you could select from group classes listed on our platform and signup giving further details and making the payment using a credit card. The platform shows the schedule for each upcoming class and students can join the class by selecting the appropriate class they signed up for. To join the class, you will need a computer with webcam or a tablet. Some of the class tests and quizzes are conducted online too. Though we do not prefer to give additional home work for students, there could be instances where some class work needs to be submitted using scanned images of the worksheets. In such cases, the students will be asked to take a picture and upload the answers as PDF or JPG files. The teacher will add the comments and send back the same with the evaluation. Monthly progress report is sent to student/parent for the record.