Mobile app development for kids.

MIT App Inventor is a free web tool maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which allows beginner programmers to create mobile apps for Android (the iOS system is under development). The tool is similar to Scratch and uses block programming. Our online coding class using App Inventor teaches kids how to develop android apps and test them. Our mobile app development for kids is a natural progression from the scratch coding class and benefits kids aged eight years and above.

Topics covered in the MIT App Inventor course

Following are some of the topics covered in App development course :

  1. Introduction to Mobile App development.
  2. How to publish the App in App Store and Play Store.
  3. Understanding components in App inventor.
  4. My First App - Text to Speech Converter
  5. How many sensors are there in mobile?
  6. Speech to Text Converter App
  7. Accelerometer based mobile App
  8. Flash Light with Timer using the mobile flashlight
  9. PaintPot App
  10. Pedometer App using pedometer sensor in mobile
  11. Obstacle detector App using mobile proximity sensor
  12. How to make simple a quiz app using the multiscreen option
  13. Simple Game App with Score Option

How to join our App inventor coding class?

Signup on the platform Classvio using parent name and email ID and send us an email to attend a free trial class. Once you decide to join the course, we will schedule and help you to book the course.