Introduction to Web Application development

This course is an intermediate-level programming course for those who completed Introduction to Python course. Various tools and basic web application concepts are taught in this course.

All the tools required for the course are available to download for free. You will need a Windows or Mac computer to attend this course. This is an intermediate course, and beginner-level python programming knowledge is required to join this course. Those who completed our Python level 1 course should be able to follow this course. Our group class typically consists of 3-4 students.

Topics covered in the Web Application development course

These are some of the topics covered in the course.

  1. Python Recap, Arrays, and Lists
  2. Classes and objects
  3. PyCharm and first HTML Page
  4. Introduction to Web Programming and CSS
  5. Basic HTML Tags and creating linked pages
  6. Introduction to Flask
  7. Changing the formats of multiple pages using CSS
  8. Javascript What and why?
  9. Simple javascript commands alerts, variable.
  10. Adding two numbers using Javascript.
  11. Javascript Drawing using Canvas
  12. Database - Introduction to MySQL
  13. How to create a login page?
  14. Instance state.
  15. How to deploy the website?
  16. Website Maintenance and updates

How to join our Python coding class

Signup on the platform Classvio and send us an email to attend a free trial class. Once you decide to join the course, you can book the group class.