Benefits of Learning Classical Music

In today’s modern world, many show an inclination towards learning only contemporary music genres, such as jazz, pop music, and so forth. Most youngsters consider classical music as something along the lines of “old fashioned”, “boring” & “irrelevant.” But the reality is that there is a strong relationship between modern & classical music. Various famous artists in today’s music industry like Justin Bieber, Jon Bellion, Adele, Childish Gambino, Avicii, and many more have adapted classical music into their works. The vast number of today’s artists grew up playing classical instruments such as the piano or violin, as reading music is such a transferable skill in the music industry. If you are a budding musician, it’s super vital that you study classical music. Here are some benefits why it’s important to study classical music:

Opportunity to acquire Voice Training & Skill Training

As part of classical music learning, you get to practice and develop outstanding analytical skills. Learning to sing or play an instrument from a professional can help you comprehend the instrument better. And you get the opportunity to acquire the technique to become a well-ranged musician. Classical voice training is the best way to study how to sing as it trains a person to make full use of their voice in the best way possible for vocal folds & the body. By learning classical music, you get both the vocal, skill training & equips with the fundamentals to be successful on your musical journey by providing the right music reading skills, versatile technique, ear training, and most prominently, the independence to sing whatever makes you happy.

Make It Easier to Learn Other Types of Music

Besides learning the fundamentals of music, learning classical music fortifies the vocal cords, teaches breath control, strengthens lung muscles. Classical music training teaches singing long passages in a single breath, learning tempo (alap, jor), pitch perfection, and make you understand all about the music. Thereafter, you’ll be able to sing anything. To make a niche in Bollywood music, learning Indian classical music will help you a lot. It’s essential to have a solid foundation in classical theories & concepts before venturing out into Bollywood music Industry. Learning classical music is like having the basic knowledge of floating in the water and killing the fear of water. Afterward, you can learn any strokes of any kind.

Indian classical music is a rich tradition that began in South Asia & can now found on all sides of the world. It is the soul of the Indian culture, and the diverse forms of Indian classical music add a lot to India’s cultural spirit. At a point in time, it has diverged into two branches- Hindustani music, which is common in North India, and Carnatic music, which is predominant in South India. These two music are two distinct traditions but share many similarities. Once you are familiar with Hindustani Classical, you can easily learn Carnatic music & other genres because it would make your vocal cords ready for singing any type of music. Moreover, learning Indian classical will help you sing pure classical, pop music, folk & semi classical-like Dadra, Ghazals, Bhajans, Thumri, and other genres like Chaithi, Kajari, Tappa, Dhamar, Hori, and much more.

Develop Confidence to Sing Any Type of Music

When you get trained classically, you’ll definitely learn music theory. Music theory is the study of how music works in terms of rhythm, melodies, and form 1. Most classical music has similar basic theories, and once you learn the basics of one type of music, you can learn other types. Learning Indian classical music helps to learn faster different genres and to create a strong musical foundation. While learning classical music may seem daunting at first, once you learn it to sing thoroughly and perform, it helps you get rid of the stage fright and nerves, makes you a more confident person, and helps sing any kind of music confidently.

Develop Discipline & Patience

It may be hard to accept, but all of those legendary musicians you watch in concerts or listen to on the radio were all once beginners – talent is only a part of the equation! Mastering in the classical musical need’s hours of rigorous daily practice where you practice the tunes, particularly the challenging, difficult parts of your music, which needs a lot of discipline, patience, commitment, and perseverance. But when you hit the way through it and recognize the boons of learning classical music, you can treat the whole experience as a lesson in the significance of patience and discipline. Indeed, the finest musicians are masters of discipline & have continued to get to the very top.

Able to Meet & Make More Friends

Learning classical music is a powerful social magnet. Knowing classical music allows you to gather with thousands of other people to engage in a shared activity. Music involves contact with others; for example, if you decide to sing music in public, you might make some new friends. If you sing with a group of musicians, a sense of friendship is shared between musicians, who can together produce so much more than what an individual can do alone. Music provides the chance to meet more people and make friends by connecting classical music with different audiences via varied concerts and music programs. Sometimes you get an opportunity to participate in music-related discussions, programs or workshops, etc.

Sense of Achievement

After the long practices, when you perform singing in front of your friends and family, it will give you a sense of achievement and boost your overall confidence. After pulling off a performance, you will feel a whole lot better about yourself. So, learning classical music gives you a sense of accomplishment and opens up boundless opportunities to challenge your brain.

Learning Classiscal Music is Fun

Last but not least, learning classical music is fun though it can be tedious in the initial months. Music will open and sharpen your mind, widen your horizons, and make your entire life more colorful, alive, and fulfilling. It is an exciting step-by-step adventure. You will explore, learn, and conquer. After the long, fun-filled process, you will turn into a good musician and fun-loving human being.

Classical music certainly has roots profoundly entwined with humanity’s history, with a range of inspirations & experiences that offered life to modern music. So, imagine the possibility when you subsequently conquer it.

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